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Welcome to Lloyd Hall; an über convenient tailoring experience offering men a new style solution with an individual level of service and choice.

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Lloyd Hall Bespoke was established in 2013 addressing not a gap, but a canyon in the market. Put simply there just wasn’t an easy way to purchase high quality clothing that both suits and fits the average man. The eureka moment came whilst having to get dressed and undressed 6 times in a cramped and hot changing room. I had to borrow shoes from the vendor as well as a shirt just to try the suits on.

Eventually settling on the most comfortable outfit from the pile of “close to my size” outfits that I had put to one side. Of course I knew traditional bespoke tailoring was an option. But I also knew that traditional bespoke tailoring was a very time consuming and expensive option. Hence, a gap in the market.

Through the use of cutting edge technology and stripping out unnecessary overheads Lloyd Hall Bespoke have now entered the market and have been going from strength to strength ever since.

We deliver the finest quality garments for our customers, ensuring you feel integral to the tailoring process. We offer a relaxed, friendly and enjoyable experience whether you need a bespoke suit for a very special occasion or want to stand out a little at the office.

The suit fits perfectly, many thanks for such a great experience. From start to finish it was a real pleasure. Can’t wait to wear it on my wedding day!” – John Knight, Manchester

We can design your garments with the traditional in mind or go completely off piste with a bespoke creation of your choice. From the width of lapel, to the thread that holds the buttons in place, every detail is thought through carefully with the wearer in mind.

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