John – Manchester

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Harrisons of Edinburgh blue one blue check

John and his fiancé weren’t that aware of what they wanted. Or so they thought. After just 15minutes of talking cloth John basically took over the consultation. Clearly a natural.

“The suit fits perfectly, many thanks for such a great experience. From start to finish it was a real pleasure. Can’t wait to wear it on my wedding day!” – John Knight – Manchester

John came to us in plenty of time. After the initial consultation we met a fourth two times to achieve the perfect fit. In the mean time John took our advise on Russell & Bromley for his shoes option for a slim line brogue as we had suggested.

The Suit

This Harrisons of Edinburgh blue on blue check is medium weight which was a good compromise for John given the time of year he was getting married. Not so heavy he can’t be in doors but still sufficient enough to pose outside for photos etc.

The buttons were our popular mat black with a hint of nut. John opted for hand stitch detail through the garment and an extra stiff waist band to prevent any roll. As such we also added a v shaped slip to the back of the waistband to allow for extra movement. £980

For more information on this suit or to book and appointment to sit down and craft the look you’re after please do not hesitate to get in contact.

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