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Tom is another of many clients who was referred to us. We were happy to meet Tom who had some strong visions of what he wanted. Initially he couldn’t find what he was looking for within the collection we showed him. Tom and I then communicated via email sending pictures back and forth.

“This is really good… I can just send you a picture and you recreate it” – Tom

After a few days we had sourced some samples to show Tom. He immediately decided we had hit the nail on the head and commissioned everything we has to show him. Below is just a taste of some of the wardrobe consultation we completed for Tom.

The Suit

Here we have three pretty unique creations. Firstly a Harrisons of Edinburgh three piece royal blue suit with a window pane gun check. The waistcoat was double breasted with lapels and a flat bottom that lined up beautifully with Tom’s waistband. He had found various images online of large but curved peak lapels which as you can see we created for him. Take note of the pattern matching of the material around the slanted pockets but also the symmetry of the lapels. This can only be achieved through positioning the pattern by hand. £1,300

Then we have a white and red weave that give the illusion of pink. Not a plain fabric but something with a little more ingrate than that. Tom wanted people to have to take a closer look to figure out what’s going on. Again Tom opted for the wider lapel but with one side of the notch angular and the other rounded. Why not? £350

Finally we have a Mohair super summer weight two piece in a very large window pane check perfect for days on the races. We opted to use a very very soft construction inside this jacket and limited lining as Tom wanted to suit for use on the absolute hottest days of the year. £1,100

For more information on this suit or to book an appointment to sit down and craft the look you’re after please do not hesitate to get in contact.

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