Business Suits

It isn’t called a “suit” of armour for nothing!

These days doing business can be like doing battle. It’s important that each morning you put on your most comfortable, most powerful, most durable and most stylish outfit. Just because it’s work doesn’t mean you can’t play!

We have an abundance of fabrics aimed squarely at the modern businessman. We don’t know what industry you’re in but there is more than likely room to improve the way you dress,┬áthe way you are perceived and how hard your attire works for you.

Our business suits come complete with breast pockets made from a lining of your choice. Roll out said pocket for a built in pocket square appropriate in more formal settings, but then tuck it away again once back in the office for the debrief. A wider peaked lapel is formal with a tie during the day, but for after work drinks, loose the tie and that same jacket fits right in at even the most stylish hang outs. Nano technology fabrics keep the rain from soaking in during the 100 yard dash to the taxi, and special recovery fabrics can withstand being chucked hear there and everywhere whilst still maintaining their crisp new look.

Corporate Fitting Days

If you’re an owner or facilities manager you might want to consider inviting Lloyd Hall Bespoke into the work place for a fitting day. We set up in a private corner of the building (the boardroom is usually best) where staff can come along and experience a specially designed time saving consultation at the end of which a blanket discount is applied. The benefits are obvious…

  • Better dressed work force that gives off the right impression of the business
  • Happier staff don’t have to spend out of work time shopping for in work clothing
  • Enhanced worker packages that are outside of the P11D
  • Everyone in the business can enjoy a premium product at a lower cost

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