Martin – Bolton

What’s most important about a suit is the man thats wearing it.

A Wedding Abroad

Martin is our accountant and has worked with us since the beginning. We had previously created several commissions for Martin to wear at the office. From the very first suit there was no going back for Martin.

“It doesn’t feel like a suit just off the peg. I think this is a service you should pitch to people getting married, surely they want something this special on their own wedding day” – Martin

When Martin got engaged we didn’t let him forget his comments and he commissioned two suits for him and his best man.

The Suit

These suits match all but two features; a double besom ticket pocket on the groom’s suit and the embroidery which is always complimentary with Lloyd Hall.

We created a sense of occasions with the double breasted waist coat and shawl lapels set behind the sharp, angular and slightly wider than normal notch lapels of the jacket. The buttonhole detailing was matched up to the tie and cravat Martin had already purchased. £699 each

For more information on this suit or to book an appointment to sit down and craft the look you’re after please do not hesitate to get in contact.

Lloyd Hall

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