A Visit to Scabal’s Mill

It’s essential to know what’s behind the brand when purchasing

Bower Roebuck in Yorkshire’s Mill town

Whilst we’ve always known a lot about tailoring you’ll be surprised how many in our industry know next to nothing about the materials we use. That’s why we jumped at the opportunity to be whisked up to Yorkshire’s finest mill for a guided tour and a spot of lunch. I took Ben one of our most experienced tailors along for the ride. With over 30 years experience he hadn’t ever been in a mill before and neither had I.

The team at Bower Roebuck really are top of the range. A Scabal owned mill that doesn’t just curate for Scabal but also brands like Ralph Lauren and Louis Vuitton. Set in amongst the hills that look like mountains in the old mill town called New Mill, Bower Roebuck is a state of the art facility where old fashioned techniques meet modern day production tech.

Yorkshire has long since been the best place not just in the country but anywhere on the planet to create beautiful cloth. This is owing to the geology and geography of the region. As already very pure rain fall sweeps down from Scotland and falls on God’s country it’s filtered by the sandstone and granite of the pennines that stretch all the way down the back bone of England before arriving in Yorkshire’s natural reservoirs. This water is “soft” and when mixed with natural soaps produces a very delicate lather that scours the wool. This soft water has very few impurities and this key set of variables isn’t replicated anywhere else in the world.

Our pictures from the day tell the story from yarn room to stock room.




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