Spring Menswear: Not sure what it’s all about? Let us help.

I am very aware it’s difficult to think of brighter times ahead when the rain is lashing against your windows but the time to think about spring menswear is now. It might just put you in a better mood.

Crocuses and daffodils are beginning to appear and you should be turning to your wardrobe to determine what new garments you will need to see you into the next phase of this fantastic year.

The changes you make in the beginning of spring can be subtle or bold. The strong dark colours of winter can be swapped out for more gentle colours such as greens, mid-blues, and greys of the lighter variety. Waistcoats may be worn and also you might want to consider a jacket appropriate for the time. Most people have a winter coat – too warm for spring, and a summer jacket – not warm enough for spring.

As the temperature creeps up you can slowly put away your hefty wool suits and switch to cavalry twills, lighter woolens and supper breathable worsteds.

To make the switch from winter to spring in your casuals I suggest a smart set of chinos, a lightweight but soft blazer, a silk pocket-handkerchief as well as a light comfortable topcoat. For the office then, light grey, mid blue two-piece suits that are light wool or soft cotton will set the tone. The trick with spring menswear is to do something but not too much. Perhaps a little flash of floral lining but not a whole jacket full etc.

Materials that permit the air to circulate through them are an excellent option for springtime. Wool- silk fusion or linen mixes can be an excellent addition to your wardrobe. Now’s a great time find out whether your existing wardrobe fits the bill and to consider going to see your tailor to make up for where it falls short.

Before long many of us will be stood in front of the window in our pants looking at the weather and thinking, “I’ve got nothing to wear. If only I’d shopped for the season before it arrived!”

So have a look at GQ, get inspired and give us a call

Lloyd Hall

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