Zach – Knutsford

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A suit for a wedding but not for the groom.

Zach wanted a bespoke suit that was unusual but not so much so that he couldn’t wear it to work. The primary objective was to create an outfit for a wedding he was attending mid summer. Generally a wedding is where you can be most daring in your wardrobe choice. However we always had to keep in mind the original brief to make a suit that goes both ways. Although Zach is in the creative industries I doubt very much he could turn up in something technicolored.

“Perfect Mitch. This will turn heads” – Zach

We started off with a simple colour match exercise to establish which colours best suited both Zach’s complexion at the time and also the likely weather of the day. We landed on blue. Not wanting to punt for something boring we pulled together a dozen or so vibrant blues of varying shades. We whittled them down to 3 and trailed them against other colours and in different lights. Zach chose brilliantly. This blue and pink combo is perfect for a wedding but will also go well with a white shirt and varying ties/pocket square combinations to allow the suit to go further. Zach was worried about being out of proportion but the made to measure process took care of that and he ended up with a suit that fitted him perfectly.

The Suit

A vibrant blue 3 piece Harrisons of Edinburgh suit. Cut in a slim modern formation. Zach wanted the waistcoat single breasted but with a fairly wide shawl lapel. He also opted for a jazzy lining on the back of his waistcoat same as in the jacket.  £1100


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